Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails – all of our 3 formal hiking trails are continuous loop trails. Each has markers in a distinctive colour and is 2-3 km. in length:

Blue Trail:

This trail of about 2.5 km. starts at the Upper Main Camp road and descends all the way to the Nottawassaga River a drop of about 225 metres.  Once at the river the trail follows the river to the remains of an old dam – the Goodyear property has approximately 200 metres of river shore line.  From the river the trail winds eastward and then upward through some magnificent bush and eventually emerges into the clearing behind Gordon Lodge.  It heads back into the trees to skirt the north side of most campsites until it joins up with Cartier trail in the area of campsite # 6.

Orange Trail:

This trail, the shortest at about 2 km runs along the Main Camp Road in front of the playing field on the upper level and plunges through the ravine east of Gordon Lodge. From here it travels through the hardwood forest past the Chapel through Erindale Flats and climbs back up to the upper level past Birch Cabin returning to the Main Camp Road.

Yellow Trail:

This trail of about 2.25 km. Explores the upper level of the camp property.  Explore the ravine east of Gordon Lodge, then view the hardwoods and cedar trees as you progress back up to the higher ground.  Skirt past the Frisbee Golf course and the Sr. Confidence course and venture on to the Moraine Pond and onwards through the New Pines and uncharted wilds of the upper level returning to civilization and prepare for your next adventure.