Confidence Courses (Junior and Senior)

Junior Course:

The Junior course is situated among the trees on the South side of the Main Camp Road.  Like the Senior course it should only be used by groups with safety persons ready to catch those who could fall.

Senior Course:

The Senior Obstacle is situated on the North side of the Main Camp Road.  It is composed of numerous obstacles for you and your group to get over, under or around.  Please do not do the course on your own and do have a “marker” person ready to catch you if you fall or are about to fall.


Snowshoe Course:

While at this time a course is not formally laid out, there are numerous fire lines (road ways) through the New Pines and Cartier, Champlain and Brule Trails through the Old Pines that make for wonderful snowshoeing.  For those wishing greater challenge the routes of our coloured trails are a good choice.  Snowshoes are available from the Warden that fit on over any winter footwear.

For younger members it may be necessary to have an adult break the trail but once this is done following along is easy – remember to take water and stay hydrated!