Compass and GPS Activities

Accurate Compass Activities:

Compasses, instruction and materials to lay out a game are available.  A number of bearings will take you to a destination that should match that of the course designers – if not … well you can do it all again!


A camp contour map and a compass are used but it is up to the individual to select the best way to reach the various control points, that are marked on the map, in the fastest time.


Geocaching has been called “treasure hunting with a GPS”.  The Warden can supply coordinates for caches hidden within Goodyear.  Simply program them into the GPS and then set off to find them.  The GPS will take you close to where the cache is but it will be up to you to search the immediate vicinity of the cache.  A cache will normally have a log for you to register that you have found it but it could also have some small trinkets that you can trade (if you brought something you can leave for the next person.)  Please be careful to replace the cache just the way you found it!