Balsam and Douglas Fir

These 2 adirondacks are situated in the area above Birch Lodge.  Each has a wood floor and a fire pit.  They are situated in secluded locations which are off the beaten tracks of other campers.  Access is available by hiking in from either the upper Main/West Parking Lot or from the drop off loop on Elsco Trail – the road into the lower area of Goodyear.  Outdoor sanitation facilities (kybo) are available at Birch Cabin and Walnut Cabin which are close by.  Water is available in jugs from the Warden’s Cabin.



Close to a Moraine Pond in the area of the new pines is Cedar Adirondack.  It has a fire pit.  Kybo facilities are available along the Main (internal) Camp Road or along Cabot Trail.  Water is available from Gordon Lodge or by arrangement with the Warden.

Cedar Adirondack

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